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Please make sure your items meet our acceptance requirements.  In general terms, we accept items that are in like-new condition and clean.


We would like to see a photo first. Digital pictures sent via email to are preferred, or photos can be brought into the store or sent via regular mail.


Information in the email with photos:

Please provide as much as possible of the following information for each piece that you would like to consign.

  • Manufacturer’s Name

  • Age

  • Original Purchase Price

  • Any Condition Issues (no matter how small)


You can bring in your items without pre-approval however, keep in mind that if we are not able to accept them you'll need to take them back with you. Furniture drop off by appointment only. Please call  (541) 351-8353 to schedule an appointment.


All consignments are subject to our final inspection and stringent quality standards.



Furniture drop off by appointment only.  Pick up service is available for a fee. 



We will carefully inspect your items, and then determine pricing with consideration given to condition, quality of constructions, manufacturer, original purchase price, style, and demand of the item. If the items need to be cleaned, polished or refinished a fee up to $20.00 per item will be charged. We view each consignment as a partnership. It is in everyone's interest to price items at a fair market value that would realistically sell within 90 days.


Prices will be reduced by 15 % on the 45th day of the consignment period for furniture and rugs. Décor prices will not be reduced at all.


Consignor’s share is 50% of the selling price for FURNITURE and RUGS. 40% of the selling price for DECOR.

Checks will be available at the store for pickup after the 15th of the month and will be valid for 90 days. Checks not cashed within 90 days will be voided and not re-issued. It is the consignor's responsibility to check with the store if items were sold and pick up checks. Furniture Exchange will not contact consignors.


If your items haven't sold by the end of the 90 days consignment period consignors have 7 days to pick them up. Items not picked up will become property of Furniture Exchange to be sold or donated.


All consigned items are subject to our Pricing policy and are required to go through the consignment period.


(Subject to change without notification)




210 NW 2nd St Corvallis, OR 97330

(541) 351-8353 



Store Hours: Tuesdays thru Saturdays 11am to 5pm

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